Send my eScooter for repair:

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For eScooters that are out of warranty or the 2 year support has expired or repair is a paid service.

  1. If the repairs do not exceed 75 eur including VAT, no estimate will be sent (unless you request it in writing in the repair form) and the repairs will be carried out and invoiced. If you receive an estimate, but you do not want the repair, a fee of 30 eur including VAT will be charged.
  2. For the repair to be carried out, you have 2 options:
    You drop off your scooter with us, and don't forget to print your repair form.
    Address: Rue du progress 2 at 1400 Nivelles
    Possible hours: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday only from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

    Either you can use our carrier. The costs amount to 18 eur including VAT per trip. The scooter must be packed in cardboard packaging (preferably the original one*) in order to avoid any damage during transport. If your scooter is not packed in a box, the carrier will claim an additional 10 eur per trip, i.e. 28 eur including VAT per trip.
  3. The hourly rate for after-sales service is 70 eur incl. VAT per hour and per person, billed per block of 15 minutes, with a minimum of 2 blocks of 15 min, i.e. 35 eur incl. VAT minimum.
  4. Any scooter not collected within 15 days after repair will be subject to an additional billing of 1 eur including VAT per day for storage.

*eScooter will not be held responsible for damage suffered during transport. eScooter will judge the product as it arrived.